Colorful Name Tags

It’s almost here!!! With Christmas just two days away, my days are filled with baking, friends, family, and a whole lot of last minute gift wrapping. Due to my OCD qualities when it comes to presentation of gifts, I’ll spend hours mentally planning how each present will be wrapped and actually wrapping it. But I really don’t think you understand. I HATE tape on presents and so for people I know enjoy pretty wrapping (i.e. not my younger cousin who will rip it up in seconds), I’ll skip the tape and use quick-dry adhesive so the seams will be smooth. I know. I’m weird.
Other problems arise with the name tag. Ugh. I also hate it when you have a perfectly wrapped present ruined by a tag that doesn’t match. Because, honestly, the name tage is the first thing people look for.
Where can you find little pieces of thick paper in absolutely every color you’ll ever need? The paint store. After coming home with hundreds of those little strips, I realized I could only actually paint my room one color. Whatever was I to do with all the others? This is where the gift wrap comes in.
Paint Samples
Due to the immense choice of color and hue available and the small nature of the samples, you can use the samples as name tags, picking out the perfect one for your already marvelously wrapped gift. Merely cut out the sample from the strip, cover the back with thick white paper to cover up any writing, punch a whole in the corner, and voila! You’re done!
You can also dress up the front with different images. I’ll cut out pictures from magazine, use rhinestones, cut out different shapes from other colored paper, or even paint a cute design on the front to dress up a simply wrapped present.
I hope this reduces some of you holiday stress. God bless, and Merry Christmas!!!

P.S. I also tried my hand at Christmas card making. How do you think they turned out?
Joy, Hope, Love
Snow Card


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