Sparkle Time

Hello all!

My rampant Christmas crafting continues as the weather gets (slightly) cooler- let’s be honest, this is Houston. My mantra: make ALL the crafts! Continuing on the ornament trend we’ve got going, I made the glitteriest, sparkliest, most dazzling, stunning ornament EVER! My secret? This glitter:

I attended a workshop back in October, and one of the projects inluded using it. It’s called Stampendous! Silver Halo Glitter Mix. I had to have some or else I would die. I mean, let’s be honest here- there’s really no comparing other kinds of glitter to it.

(And yes- there are MANY different kinds of glitter).

In the pictures, you really can’t tell the difference that well which is a shame. Believe me though. If you’re making a statement ornament, there’s no other option.

The project is a bit messy, but très facile. Simply get a paper mache ornament, cover it in PVA glue, and then cover in glitter. I found it easiest to glitter it in sections allowing each side to dry before moving on the the next.

I can’t wait to see how the ornament looks when reflecting tree lights. Get ready to be dazzled!



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